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5 things to expect from a hypnotherapy session

Have you found yourself curious about hypnotherapy but not sure what it is? Here you can discover 5 things to expect from a hypnotherapy session and how it will benefit you. Hint – you won’t leave quacking like a duck!

5 things to expect from a hypnotherapy session

Hypnotherapy is a safe, powerful, effective tool for overcoming stress and anxiety.

Focusing on your preferred future

  • The focus will be on your preferred future in a hypnotherapy session. This means building picture of your life in the absence of your problem. Our minds can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality so therefore when we focus on our problems it creates more of the same. However, this means we can utilise your imagination for change. So by by focusing on how you want things to be rather than not, your brain is working out exactly what you need to do.


  • After a useful conversation and while all is fresh in your mind, you will be guided into a very calming and relaxing experience of hypnosis. Hypnosis is guided trance and trance is very natural state we go in every day. Whether it’s being engrossed in a good book, or watching TV, it is a state of focused attention. It requires no effort other than to lie back and listen whilst you relax.

Processing – Your wonderful brain!

  • Hypnosis creates a favourable environment in which to learn. Beyond your conscious awareness your brain is able to process everything discussed and work on the solutions right for you. It will change the emotional memories in your brain to narrative ones, therefore leaving you in control of them.

Useful conversation

  • In the hypnotherapy session, the conversation will always be about what is useful for you and what you want to get out of it. What’s more is this is your unique hypnotherapy journey with gentle guidance as to how you can find answers within you.

Solution focused

  • There won’t be any digging around in your past to relive traumatic or unpleasant experiences. A solution focused approach taps into your strengths, skills and resources to get where you want to be.

With these 5 things to expect from a hypnotherapy session, you can see how hypnotherapy is a powerful therapeutic tool. Hypnotherapy helps you to overcome your challenges and therefore gives you the opportunity to discover how truly remarkable you are.

I worked with Sally over a number of weeks after my anxiety became uncontrollable resulting in serious insomnia which was affecting my quality of life. She explained what she does and creates a space you can be completely open in. This has allowed me to understand more about myself and how to manage my anxiety. Be more mindful and know that I can handle situations. Thinking of my own practical solutions and developing my self-confidence through our sessions has been everything and I have achieved more personally and professionally in the last few months than I thought possible. Sally is a wonderful human being and I highly recommend her.Facebook review by Sarah

If you’d like to learn more about hypnotherapy or book a free initial consultation, please contact Sally on 07753114944 or email springtolifehypnotherapy@gmail.com