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A warm welcome and thank you for visiting my site.

I’m Sally and I’m a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist working from Haddenham, Ely and St Ives, Cambs as well as online via zoom. I specialise in helping people who are struggling with their mental health using solution focused hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

I very much understand how overwhelming it can feel not knowing where to start when you’re struggling with your mental health. Making the decision to get help shows strength and is an important first step on your mental well-being journey.

Issues I have helped with include…

Anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

Low mood and self esteem. 

Lack of direction in life and feeling stuck. 

Unexplained infertility, removing emotional blocks. 

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).



Sleep issues.

Managing pain.

Fear of birth and pregnancy anxiety.

Positive outcomes include….

Feeling more in control and able to make rational decisions with a clearer mind.

Gaining confidence to do the things you want to do.

Finding enjoyment in life and able to focus on good experiences.  

Improved sleep.

Experiencing a calm pregnancy and confidence for giving birth.

Creating new and better habits for a healthy mindset. 

Firstly, it’s really important you find a therapist that fits for you and that’s why the initial consultation with me is free. I offer a friendly, relaxed chat over the phone so you can find out more and discuss your circumstances. To book your consultation please click here. I’d be really delighted to work with you. 


Sally Asplin


What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapeutic tool which can help change unwanted behaviour and thought patterns that are keeping you stuck.

When you think of hypnosis you may have thoughts of stage hypnotism with some kind of voodoo mind control. I can assure you hypnotherapy is not the same.

Hypnosis is guided trance. It is a state of focused attention, much like being engrossed in a good book or tv programme. During hypnosis you are guided to a calm, relaxing place, and it’s in this state that your brain is open to learning and change that is helpful for you.

Our work together is tailored and focused on the outcome you’re wanting to achieve.

Let’s have a chat so you can discover how we can work together to achieve your best hopes.  I’d love to help.



A wonderfully approachable and warm person, Sally helped me work my way through what seemed like an impossible task of unravelling all the busy thoughts that were clogging up my mind after a particularly tough year. Feeling rather closed minded as to whether hypnotherapy would work, Sally put me at ease from our very first session. Even after I had told her that my anxiety had got so bad that in a scale of 1-10 I felt like I was at minus 20, she was adamant we could work together to find solutions to rewire my way of thinking.

I cannot recommend her enough, Sally is extremely easy to talk to, it felt like I was sharing my load with a friend. You find yourself letting your guard down and revealing all-this being necessary I found in order to work through everything and come out of the other side with complete clarity.

The amount of positivity Sally helped me find again within myself has been amazing and it has had a ripple effect in all aspects of my life and for that I am grateful to Sally.

SihamFacebook review


Sally is amazing. She has such a relaxing, open, friendly demeanour and listens intently and non-judgementally to everything you say. She then works on you, giving you tools and thoughts and direction so you can help yourself to overcome, simply by working with only the positive in life. I can’t thank her enough for helping me through a difficult period in my life and showing me that I am the one that can fix things. I can’t recommend Sally enough. Shes brilliant.

JohnFacebook review


I worked with Sally over a number of weeks after my anxiety became uncontrollable resulting in serious insomnia which was affecting my quality of life. She explained what she does and creates a space you can be completely open in. This has allowed me to understand more about myself, how to manage my anxiety, be more mindful and know that I can handle situations. Thinking of my own practical solutions and developing my self-confidence through our sessions has been everything and I have achieved more personally and professionally in the last few months than I thought possible. Sally is a wonderful human being and I highly recommend her.

SarahFacebook review


I am amazed by the results of hypnotherapy that I received. Not only was it a wonderfully relaxing yet uplifting experience, I can feel the positive benefits in my every day life after only 3 sessions. Sally is such a warm and calming person and her approaches have reframed and redirected some previously negative thought processes. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Sally.

SarahFacebook review


I worked with Sally over a number of weeks after my anxiety came to a point where it was affecting my daily life and sleep. Sally explained really clearly what she does and how it works, and I found going to her an enjoyable experience. Working with Sally made me realise I’d probably had issues with anxiety for a large part of my life, but some difficult circumstances had bought them to the forefront.
The quality of my sleep has improved significantly and on it’s own this has greatly improved my quality of life. On top of that, I am now able to confidently face situations which previously would have caused me anxiety and generally enjoy life more. Thank you Sally.

LauraFacebook review


Sally is amazing at what she does!! Very professional, friendly, uplifting, and calming.
Sally explains everything she does and how it works.
She has helped me find me again after an extremely hard year fighting anxiety, fears and grief. I honestly thought I had hit a place that I couldn’t get back up from.
Sally and her hypnotherapy and relaxation takes you to another place. a positive place that teaches you how to self sooth, and helps you train your own thoughts into positive ones, and take positive actions.
A clever lady and very good at her job I feel I’ve found my happy self again.
Although there may still be bad days I know 100% how I can try to cope with these days now and thanks to sally, I WILL cope with.

I can and I will.

Thank you so much.
Highly recommend !!!

EmmaFacebook review

Discover how we can work together to achieve your best hopes.

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